All About Me

Hi everyone!

Everyone has a background. Everyone has a story. Here’s mine..



My name is Agnes Mae de Castro. I was born and raised in South San Francisco. I’ve lived in the same house with my family my whole life. I love my family! I would do anything and everything for them!

10891646_10205585134174415_955952226743667439_n  FullSizeRender

This is my niece/goddaughter, Janae Aubrey. She lives at home with me and I love seeing her grow up. She’s definitely a challenge to take care of but I love spending time with her. She reminds me of how much I love kids.

IMG_5266 IMG_5270

After 6 years of dating, my best friend proposed to me on March 29, 2014 ❤

IMG_1942 JR and Agnes-5_1


I’m currently a Senior at Notre Dame de Namur University majoring in Human Services with a concentration in Gerontology and Counseling.



I currently work as a pharmacy technician for Kaiser Permanente in Daly City, California. I work full-time while taking classes at NDNU. I love what I do!

Aside from working, going to school, planning a wedding, of course I make time for my friends!

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I wake up everyday feeling very grateful and blessed with everything and everyone in my life! I graduate in May!! I’m marrying the love of my life this year on ❤ 8/8/15!! REALLY looking forward to what this year has in store for me 🙂

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